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Monday, March 26, 2012

Do we need more laws?

This is perhaps the irritating question goes on in my mind because I know perhaps we have the largest constitution of the world and numerous enactments since independence but still many people demand new laws and many laws came through amendments of existing laws so we get even more laws through the necessity arises but still there is lots of problems going on in throughout India affecting its huge population.

But just having a law is not enough the most important part is implementation of the enacted law which is severely difficult.Even if there are laws to cater to all requirements still it is seen that the problems can  not be dealt with the present laws...so where the problem lies with the laws, with implementation part or with those who need to work to implement them, corruption, politics, public lethargy and witness attitude?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do advocates too need a retirement age fixed?

This is almost always discussed by young lawyers many a times who are struggling for making presence in the scenerio.Practicing law independently and earning is not an easy job now a days and many are there by prefering legal jobs rather than practicing law to have a secured income each month.
Because in each bar of a district it is seen that most of the cases are either grabbed by old law firms or associations or old experienced lawyers and very few comes to young lawyers.Now with having an age limit fixed to practice has got both good and bad repercussions associated with it.But a thought is for sure is required to the issue.Many will say with this we will lose experienced people and young mass says they can better befitted to the sevice sector.So far nothing has come either from the government or law thinkers or law commission.

so ??????????????????

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