Friday, May 29, 2015

Role of Member Women in Consumer Forums/state commission/national commission under consumer protection act 1986

When I entered the scene vide joining as a member women to a district consumer forum the situation was totally dismaying and it was like there is no role of the member women in the consumer forums. Member women are recruited because there is such a provision in the cp act and going on like this for years and the member women have became just a rubber stamp like role limited only to putting their signature the orders prepared and presented before them with which the essence and thought of keeping one women member in this consumer forums totally failed. I found there is also a thought in the women who join these forums is that because they are not from legal backdrop they do not need to delve into the matters which are mostly legal here they are misguided by their own thought and impression given to them from outside so they do not even give a thought to their position and roles, and this is going on for years.

The thought behind putting a women in the forum even without having a legal qualification is to capture feminine sensitivity while delivering justice because we all know the balancing capacities of women all over the world who run their individual families with all patience and efforts balancing life and these qualities are thought to get some role in delivering justice too.

Many women who join are only concerned with the money involved and do not care for all other activities till they are given the dues in time and do not hesitate to sign the orders blindly without a single thought.This is really a decisive factor of women not involving in the procedures because qualified women are not preferring neither those who have a social bend of mind are often recruited to these posts.Many do just sign with a fear of confrontation and avoiding harrasment from other members and office staff if they are not agreeing to the orders that is written and raise questions so if this is cared a little many women members will give their fearless opinion about various complaints and orders.

Now I think this needs to be changed and women should do justice to the role they are playing which is very very important looking into the vary purpose of including them in judicial process.Because a women member need not have to analyze the situation from legal point of view but only  will judge hearing the call from inside of her soul and decide whether everything is ok or any changes are needed or something wrong has happened while delivering justice.And she must opine what her thoughts are if they are not heard and the other two are of one opinion still she should give her own opinion in the order without fear so if any appeal is preferred the upper forum will be able to know the situation better.

Many a times women members think that even if she gives her honest opinion it is of no value as the other two members opinion will be sufficient to make an order a valid one so why take further problems and it is better to put in a signature agreeing to what is said is easy. This is avoidance of one's own role. People who are joining jobs that are social motivated must have the guts to deliver without thinking about or calculating the profit or income.

Conclusion: If you are joining as a member women first think a little about your role because you are capable to bring changes in judicial system itself and bringing smiles in many faces. If you are not from legal back drop read a little about the consumer laws and laws that are related to just have that much knowledge to understand the proceedings that goes on before you. Do not always calculate the profit and loss you are doing a great service to the humanity it does not matter if anyone appreciates or not or it is recognized or not.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Amendment proposal to Consumer Protection Act, 1986

Quite happy news that after 2002 a proposal for amendment of the consumer protection act 1986 is mooted recently, although there seems some things are still not attended for example :-in case when president and only one member doing the hearing and while passing order differ with each other on different points and then the order has to be referred to the third member for his opinion it is kept same though a lot of difficulty is seen working with this section of the law which prescribes that the differing order is to be referred to the third member for opinion and hearing and here inclusion of hearing gives rise to hearing being taken separately once again and noticing all the parties and so on which complicates the procedure ad also delays the matter further.There also lacking any provision in case this third member do not agree with the other two finer points are till needed to be rectified and I think this has happened because feed back from those who work at the grassroot level are not heard , or taken care off but most of the technical difficulties are attended.

Get a detailed reading of the proposed amendment act clicking the link below.

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Shri Premraj Kuar
Deputy Secretary (CPU)
Department of Consumer Affairs
Room No. 251, Krishi Bhawan
New Delhi, 110001

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